I tread the soil of the earth,
And sway with the trees.

I smile at the bright sun,
And watch the rolling clouds.

I savor the moonlit night,
And lie under a blanket of stars.

I whisper with the cold wind,
And welcome the dance of raindrops.

I am one with all the elements.

I am a mountaineer.


Mt. Talamitam, 630 MASL (February)
Mt. Napulak, 1200 MASL (February)
Mt. Pinatubo via Delta 5, 1480 MASL (March)
Mt. Qixing, 1120 MASL (April)
Mt. Isarog, 1966 MASL (May)
Mt. Cristobal Traverse, 1415 MASL (June)
Mt. Tibig, 563 MASL (July)
Mt. Bulusan, 1548 MASL (August)
Mt. Kalawitan, 2714 MASL (August)
Mt. Lobo, 710 MASL (September)
Mt. Banoi, 960 MASL (October)
Mt. Mabilog, 441 MASL (November)
Mt. Balagbag, 777 MASL (December)


Mt. Batulao, 811 MASL (January)
Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg-Ambangeg, 2922 MASL (January)
Mt. Sem-ilya, 785 MASL (March)
Mt. Fan Xi Pan via Heaven’s Gate Route, 3143 MASL (April)
Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg-Ambaguio, 2922 MASL (April)
Mt. Batulao, 811 MASL (May)
Mt. Halcon, 2582 MASL (May)
Mt. Halla, 1950 MASL (October)
Mt. Seorak Ulsanbawi, 873 MASL (October)


Mt. Palay Palay/Pico de Loro, 664 MASL (February)
Mt. Batulao, 811 MASL (March)
Mt. Kawayan, 595 MASL (March)
Mt. Bungkol Baka, 617 MASL (March)
Mt. Tangisan, 491 MASL (March)
Mt. Kinabalu and Via Ferrata (Low’s Peak Circuit) Activity, 4095 MASL (April)
Mt. Purgatory Mangisi Traverse, 2080 MASL (April)
Mt. Mantalingahan Traverse, 2086 MASL (May)
Mt. Pantingan-Mt. Tarak Traverse, 1130  MASL (May)
Mt. Banahaw de Lucban, 1875 MASL (July)
Mt. Kanlaon Traverse, 2435 MASL (August)
Mt. Kalisungan-Mt. Atimla Traverse, 760 MASL (September)
Mt. Gulugod-Baboy, 525 MASL (October)


Mt. Tenglawan, 1940 MASL (January)
Mt. Kabunian, 1700 MASL (January)
Mt. Lobo, 2000 MASL (January)
Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg, 2922 MASL (February)
Mt. Pinatubo, 960 MASL (February)
Mt. Cinco Picos, 881 MASL (March)
Mt. Talomo, 2674 MASL (April)
Mt. Dulang-Dulang Traverse, 2938 MASL (May)
Mt. Kitanglad Traverse, 2899 MASL (May)
Mt. Guiting-Guiting Traverse, 2058 MASL (June)
Masungi Rock Formations, 680 MASL (July)
Mt. Amindiwin/Alto Peak, 1332 MASL (August)
Mt. Malindig, 1157 MASL (August)
Mt. Irid, 1469 MASL (September)
Mt. Batulao, 811 MASL (October)
Mt. Sicapoo, 2354 MASL (October)
Mt. Timarid-Mt. Simagaysay Traverse, 1560 and 1402 MASL (October)
Mt. Ampacao, 1889 MASL (November)
Mt. Maculot Traverse, 930 MASL (November)
Mt. Banahaw Traverse, 2158 MASL (November)
Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg-Ambangeg, 2922 MASL (December)


Mt. Tarak, 1130 MASL (January)
Mt. Arayat Traverse, 1030 MASL (January)
Mt. Timbak, 2717 MASL (February)
Mt. Tabayoc, 2842 MASL (February)
Mt. Pulag via Tawangan-Ambangeg, 2922 MASL (February)
Mt. Bira-Bira Traverse, 450 MASL(March)
Mt. Mayon, 2462 MASL (April)
Mt. Kalisungan, 760 MASL (May)
Mt. Apo Traverse, 2956 MASL (June)
Mt. Malipunyo-Mt. Manabu Traverse, 760 MASL (August)
Mt. Marami, 405 MASL (September)
Mt. Damas Traverse, 685 MASL (October)
Mt. Ugo Traverse, 2150 MASL (November)
Mt. Talamitam, 630 MASL (December)
Mt. Balingkilat Traverse, 1100 MASL (December)


Tirad Peak, 1312 MASL (February)
Mt. Daguldol, 670 MASL (May)
Mt. Manabu, 760 MASL (July)
Mt. Makiling Traverse, 1090 MASL (August)
Mt. Tapulao, 2037 MASL (August)
Mt. Batulao, 811 MASL  (September)
Mt. Natib, 1,287 MASL (October)
Mt. Palay Palay/Pico de Loro, 664 MASL (October)
Mt. Manalmon, 196 MASL (November)
Mt. Maculot Traverse, 930 MASL (December)


Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg-Ambangeg, 2922 MASL (February)

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      • sure. we have an FB event dedicated to that climb. will include you in the list so you can check the details. no schedule of the pre-climb meeting yet.

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