Fond dreams

Jodi Picoult’s take on the book, Honeymoon With My Brother:

“If you could completely change the course of your life, where would you go? Franz Wisner’s funny, endearing, and breathtakingly detailed journey with his brother Kurt is a timely reminder that sometimes we have to travel the globe in order to find ourselves and the places and people we call home. Invite your book club along for the voyage and you’ll wind up talking for hours about roads less traveled… and why it’s never too late to take one.”

-Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper and Vanishing Acts

Don’t you wish you could just leave everything behind and travel the world? I do. I sometimes wonder, if I’m not where I am right now, I would love to be traveling the world for a living. I’ll be okay working behind the camera producing NG specials or some travel show. I’ll be super satisfied traveling, backpacking and beaching the wonders of our world.

Honeymoon With My Brother is Franz Wisner’s memoir of losing love but gaining so much more. It is his inspiring tale of escaping gut-wrenching pain, achieving self-discovery, strengthening the ties that bind, rekindling relationships, and grasping opportunity when life left him stranded at the altar.

Franz was about to get married in five days when his fiancée called off the wedding and their relationship of ten years. With wedding preparations well under way and pre-paid, Franz went ahead with the wedding and even the rehearsal dinner and party (just without the bride). As for the two-week Costa Rican holiday that’s non-refundable, he decided to take his brother, Kurt, with him. This started their vagabonding. They left everything and extended the honeymoon for two years and traveled to fifty-three countries. Pictures can be viewed in their charming website. That’s the author celebrating his 35th somewhere foreign and ultra nice.

I kind of love toying with the idea of adopting a vagabond lifestyle. A big haha.


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4 responses to “Fond dreams”

  1. this looks good! sige nga’t mabasa. have you read eat, pray, love? i think you’ll like it too. but the story’s not as exciting as the one you shared.. :)

    1. oooh, not yet. teehee. :)

  2. Sheet, true-to-life pala to? Ouch naman.

    1. yep. pretty entertaining kahit na ouch. but he’s happily married now.

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