My first time

Much has been heard and written about Binondo’s good food and cheap finds.

So I won’t go into that. Besides, I’m too lazy and I don’t consider myself a foodie nor a shopping junkie. :D

The second leg of Rediscovering Manila brought our wandering feet to the historical (cultural? ancient?) and (oh my) despondent streets of Binondo’s Chinatown. Last weekend’s rendezvous presented a lot of firsts for me:

1. (well, obviously) I’ve been in that side of Manila;
2. I crossed a big concrete bridge on foot (Jones Bridge);
3. I ate near an estero, and;
4. I realized, how lucky I am to have superb friends who are crazy enough to put up with me, my whims and my plans. :D


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4 responses to “My first time”

  1. Ganda ng kuha. At first glance, kala ko cover ng bagong libro ni Stephanie Meyer. :))

    1. i’m touched. thanks cedie. :) anong title? “red sun.”

  2. Haha. Chinese Lantern. LOL

    1. twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, and red sun. :D concede, concede, concede.

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