Travel in style

Dexter (left) and Connie (right)

Dexter’s a Deuter Futura Pro 42. I got him just this week.

Connie’s a North Face Recon SE. She’s been with me since 2008.

This is how I roll. :)


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10 responses to “Travel in style”

  1. oooh love those bags! :) astig! waterproof ba?

    1. waterproof. :) they come with a raincover or a backpack cover (in case it really pours). :P

      1. where can i get this

    1. uu. sweet sila. almost 6 each.

    1. haha. in all fairness. napatawa ako mag-isa. :) *babaw*

  2. heyy! where can i get the North Face Recon SE? I’m desperate!

    1. hi there! i got it at the north face shop in shangri-la mall. :) are you based in manila?

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