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March pic(k) of the month


Moonlit night

Photo taken at Nipa Hut in Pasig where its open air setup
gives a fantastic hilltop view of Libis, Marikina and Rizal.
Yellow moon casts its glow over the metro night lights.

Dear Moon:

Marzo has been all about late nights. Be it for leisure or its evil twin. Be it with friends, with the trusty office computer or with school readings and a highlighter.

You bore witness to the absence of active leisure for my wandering soul this March. This month, I took a backseat and reveled in simple delights.

Oh, I’m also giving this month to you since we were treated to a second blue moon yesterday.



Mortal sins when traveling


Erm, not exactly. Here are a few things I learned over the years when I’m off and about. Let’s just say, I learned ’em the hard (relatively) way.

1. Travel agents and bookings
They can be a lifesaver or a pain in the neck. I used to get a travel agent when going to a place for the first time. Aside from being  convenient, a reputable agency gets discounted rates on airfares and land arrangements. Published rates almost always exclude taxes. Be sure that  before finalizing a package, all costs have been factored in. Out of habit though, I resorted to planning trips and getting rates on my own. With  the almost monthly airline promos, it’s easy to score cheap tickets. When booking a hotel, try to get a quote directly from the hotel. Check booking engines like Agoda or, before asking the hotel for their best available rate. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount, they may or will not give it. Based on experience, I got at most 20% shaven off the published rate.   

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A conscientious tourist


On idleness and relaxation

Any wanderer must take the Walker’s Decalogue to heart:

1. Don’t pack your troubles in your rucksack.
2. Don’t grouse at the weather.
3. Don’t miss opportunities of friendship with man or beast.
4. Don’t walk half a yard in front of your companion.
5. Don’t overfeed your body.
6. Don’t starve your mind.
7. Don’t overwork your legs.
8. Don’t lose your temper if you lose your way.
9. Don’t leave anything behind you except a good impression.
10. Don’t take away anything except pleasant memories.
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Sights from the sky


Morning vs. Afternoon

I’ve always had a fascination with the sky. Second to the beach, puffy clouds and aerial vistas calm me and make me marvel at how amazing God’s handiwork is.

Up in the air, the sweep of clouds that stretches to the horizon ushers an opening onto some other place. When flying, I always request for a window seat. The plane’s window frames and beckons a view of another world shaping up outside. Images of the sun coming out, the sun bidding good night, clouds casting shadows and the moon saying hello invoke a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the world’s vastness and beauty.

Long stretches of time often pass without a change in the scene; I do not mind. For it is not every day these wandering feet can give me a panorama of a piece of heaven.