March pic(k) of the month

Moonlit night

Photo taken at Nipa Hut in Pasig where its open air setup
gives a fantastic hilltop view of Libis, Marikina and Rizal.
Yellow moon casts its glow over the metro night lights.

Dear Moon:

Marzo has been all about late nights. Be it for leisure or its evil twin. Be it with friends, with the trusty office computer or with school readings and a highlighter.

You bore witness to the absence of active leisure for my wandering soul this March. This month, I took a backseat and reveled in simple delights.

Oh, I’m also giving this month to you since we were treated to a second blue moon yesterday.




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4 responses to “March pic(k) of the month”

  1. Feck, kainggit. San banda sa Pasig to?

    1. nipa hut is beside the former bagaberde. near the valle verde clubhouse. your lenses would be veeery nice to use here.

  2. I don’t even know where Bagaberde is. And my lens has shorter reach at the long end than yours. So bitin parin. :D

    1. gad. near those, you know, what pasig is famous for. UWA, UWA. sweeping view so ma-capture mo lahat. ganda yun.

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