Bagasbas beach and breakers

Bagasbas Beach

Unknown except to Bicolanos since the 2008 Bagasbas Surf Camp, the beach is quickly gaining attention in the tourism and surfing circles.

Bagasbas Beach has a 2-km long and wide expanse of very fine black sand. It provides an alternative to the waves of Aurora and Zambales, with its year-round big breakers rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. The soft sands and shallow waters counter the strong waves making surfing in Bagasbas ideal for those wanting to test their luck (and, not to mention, “staying power”) in the water action.

Certified instructors and surfboards are available for beginners and the experienced. The rental fee for a surfboard is only Php200 while the instructor’s fee is Php200 per hour. When we were there, only eight instructors and boards were available. A rather small number considering it’s summer time. Hopefully, the numbers will increase in the future with more locals getting into the sport.

Bagasbas Beach is only ten minutes away from the city center of Daet in Camarines Norte. The barangay though has a very provincial and relaxed atmosphere with only backpacker inns and small resorts dotting the strip fronting the beach. I spotted small restaurants and karaoke bars with signs hinting it “transforms” at night. We stayed at one of the biggest and most popular, the Bagasbas Surfers Dine-Inn (+639164759053). Their fan and airconditioned rooms are cheap at Php500 to Php1,500 for single or family occupancy.

To get there, Daet is a seven-hour bus ride away from Metro Manila. The beach is roughly 3 kilometers from the city center. Tricycles are easily available to take you to the beach from the centro.

Surf’s up!


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