I look at you and my mind goes on a trip


I wander, I wonder

Presenting – my lifetime travel checklist:

1. biking around Batanes and the Marlboro Country
2. going for a mythical, monumental and timeless walk in Paris
3. spotting wildlife in Hwange
4. going loco with the art, landscapes and cuisine of Italy
5. discovering the grandeur and architecture of Prague
6. cruising around the Aegean and Ionian seas
7. beaching and going up the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro
8. experiencing the nomad culture and a camel ride at the Gobi
9. skiing in the Southern Alps
10.honeymooning at the Maldives

It won’t hurt anyone if I dream big, and expensive. :D

I’ll write separate pieces about my top ten as fillers over the next few, uhm, years. In the meantime, feel free to share with me your bucket list. :)


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  1. i also dream to visit Tibet, and have a Himalayan Experience (just experience the Himalayas, not exactly doing a climb).

  2. oks pa ba kung 2011 natin itaon? feb to july daw best to go ah.. mga magkano kaya lahat lahat magagastos? kung 4 digit, carry pa this year, kung hindi pang 2011 na ata. seriously, i saw pix, sobrang gusto kong pumunta. game, tingin-tingin na din ako sa seair. (wait, what’s “rt”? hehe)

    • rt is roundtrip. better for me if 2011. :D peak season rates are on the average Php10,500.00. yung promos nila during the rainy season, kung saan mataas ang chance ma-postpone ang flights.

      • yey! feb 2011? =)feb to july daw ang ok e.. hehe, atat. tsaka may sick-leave conversion kami nun. last week of feb 2011? hihi, or kung kelan may ok na rates. (haha, yun pala ang rt, lost sori) game, sige abang nako, yeeeey! =)

      • sige, para do’n ka mag-celebrate ng birthday mo. :D feb 2011 ha. magsimula na akong mag-ipon for that. finally!

  3. Dream ko din ang makapag bike sa Batanes ;-) at makapunta sa Eeurope, especially France and Greece! Pero ulitmate dream ko ay makapunta sa Nepal and Tibet ;-)

  4. Nice list Katie, i made one as well “100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die”. Dream big coz it’s free. Ika nga ni Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” Cheers to more dreams! :)

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