A deeper experience

Manila Ocean Park

For someone who found the Underwater World in Sentosa just okay, please take my comments about the Manila Ocean Park with a big sack of salt. :D

I think it’s delightful for kids. I think it’s expensive (regular Oceanarium admission rate is Php400.00). I think it’s awesome to see and read about the diversity and variety of species thriving in Philippine waters. And I think an adult can finish a self-guided tour in one hour. :D

The Manila Ocean Park is a modern complex that houses an oceanarium, an open water marine habitat, a mall, a restaurant row and function facilities. Other attractions are the Oceanarium’s undersea tunnel, Aquanaut Voyage, glass-bottom boat ride, Mermaid Show, Jellies Dancing Fairies exhibit and fish spa; Aquatica’s pools, Musical Fountain and Water Ball.

I liked the undersea tunnel where you can see the bottoms of various species interacting with each other. I liked how the sharks, manta rays and different kinds of big and small fish seem to fly overhead and interact in a more realistic setup than the ones labeled per kind in the other sections. Unlike other aquariums, they have ledges where visitors can sit and marvel in awe at these marine creatures. If not for the throngs of kids running around and the majority of visitors who seem to not know the meaning of no-flash-photography, I would have stayed there and taken pictures longer.

For information on the admission rates of each attraction, park and show schedules, their website is http://www.manilaoceanpark.com/.


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