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June pic(k) of the month


Con Dao Jail
War Remnants Museum



Dear Patriots:

The conditions you were subjected to inside tiger cages were hell; far beyond any imagination can fathom. My visit to replicas of these cells put up in Con Dao Island opened my eyes to an age in world history marred by heartless violence and brutal force.

And it rages on.

The world is still battling with “new wars” even if we are already in the 21st century. Border conflicts in Israel-Palestine and North-South Korea still occur. Clashes closer to home (in Thailand and in Mindanao) erupt now and then. Threats of war and terrorist attacks ignite worldwide deaths.

In an era proud of knowledge and technological advancements, the world still lacks understanding.




A badge for my misadventures


What started as a fun “study” trip ended on a reckless note and misfortune of a weekend.

The highlights of my overland travel with friends were not the food trips, the walking tours, and the cities’ architectural wonders; rather, the loss of my Sea-to-Summit pouch with cash and cards, and the trip to the Ho Chi Minh police station.

Last June 12, 11:30 PM (Vietnam time), upon alighting the cab at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport for our return flight to Manila, I realized my pouch was not in its usual place in the inside pocket of my camera sling bag. A few flashbacks later, I remembered sitting on the hotel’s lobby couch nursing a headache and an uncomfortable tummy. I remembered taking it out one last time to pull out a dollar for a service tip. I remembered putting it on top of the bag. But, I did not recall placing it back in the bag as I leaned back on the couch and as we hauled our stuff to the waiting cab. With the claim of a friend who thought he might have indeed seen it on the couch, the realization hit me. I left it.  On the couch. For the first time, I left something valuable. For the first time, I did not check and recheck.

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