Monthly Archives: August 2010

Don’t tell my mother


Photo taken by PhoenixPol

Neither should you tell my father. Especially my father.

1. That I rode a motorcycle (habal-habal) for the first time. It lasted for a good 30 minutes over a really rocky stretch of road going down Makiling.

2. That there were three of us on that motorcycle. None of us had a helmet on.

3. That I stood on a rock more than 800 MASL. With a steep drop in front, to my right and to my left.

4. That there were bloodsuckers itching to get their fill. Three on my face and neck. Two on my chest. And more than five on my legs and shoes.

5. That the Makiling Traverse is a major climb and a level 6 (out of 9).

6. That I knew I had a good chance of busting my knee again.

7. That I went in the first place.

My parents love me. And I love them. They just think I go away too often and get into risky activities. Yes. For them, traveling alone and trekking a hill is classified as hazardous already. :D

Note: Don’t Tell My Mother is a National Geographic program hosted by the handsome Diego Buñuel. He travels to dangerous places and asks the viewers one favor – “don’t tell my mother.”