Mad about travel

A number of my friends get their high from running or climbing. Most ladies I know get theirs from shopping. While some from a quick caffeine or chocolate fix.

I go mad over travel.

From scouring the best beaches to discovering adventure travel. From spending a lazy afternoon perched on the hotel balcony to getting that insane rush off daredevil what-nots. From the side streets to the main thoroughfares, from the flea markets to the big shopping malls, from the recesses of the underground to the peaks of mountains.

I go mad over travel.

Indulge your inner wanderer. Go on and hop on your friend’s ride to anywhere. Go on and board the next bus trip to anywhere. Go on and get those fingers working on the latest promo flights to anywhere.

I just did. :)

Credit: Photo owned by fellow lakwatsera Sarah Palmero.


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10 responses to “Mad about travel”

  1. Another lengthy bill at the end of the period, I guess. Haha.

    1. haha. good thing nahati sa dalawang cut-off. :D

  2. Hahaha. Another thing you learn with travel: how to pace your credit card purchases. Haha.

    1. ooooo, we should come out with a list of that.

      1. Hehe. Ikaw expert dyan. :D

      2. naks. ikaw rin naman eh.

  3. Haha. I’m never an impulsive buyer. Hehe.

  4. travelling is my addiction… and I’m proud of it! =D

    1. ditto! and loving it. :)

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