February pic(k) of the month


Mt. Pulag at 2,922 MASL


This month was highlighted by my return to where all the madness started.

We romanced Luzon’s highest (documented) mountains on this month of love. You were the main feature to cap our three-day and three-mountain climbing trip.

And we were blessed.

With the whispering of the cold wind.
With the smile of the full moon.
With the radiance of the bright sun.
With the dancing of your eternally golden grass.

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  1. ow may God. ang ganda-ganda ng kuha mo! :D
    parang dapat ilagay ko sa bucketlist ko ang pag-akyat SA PEAK ng pulag. hehe.

    • girl, may mas maganda pa diyan. lalo na kung andon ka talaga to experience it. :D kayang kaya mo na balikan yun ngayong summer. extreme naman kasi yung 2009 akyat natin. hehehe.

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