March pic(k) of the month

A beautiful monster and devastation.The poster of how something so beautiful can be so destructive.

Last March 26, burning mountains loomed over the back of the northern campsite of Nagsasa Cove. Retiring early after a scorching traverse of Mt. Bira-Bira (a.k.a. Mt. Nagsasa), we awoke at 10:00 PM to the agitation of fellow campers, the loud crackling of bush fires and a fiery orange sky.

We quickly hauled our bags and carried our tents towards the beach. As the flames engulfed the dry terrain and the strong winds fanned the fire, it raged and threatened to advance until it hit the rocky base of the mountains. Heavy smoke stung our eyes and made breathing nearly impossible. We retreated to the southern part of the cove where this spectacular yet scary sight befell us.

Behold. “The common curse of mankind – folly and ignorance.”


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6 responses to “March pic(k) of the month”

  1. Yeah, the photo’s beautiful. Sad nga lang din at the same time. Late na rin pala lumaki yung apoy. I thought hapon sya or something nun.

    1. it started around early afternoon ata. when we went back sa jump-off, nasunog rin pala yung area nila.

  2. it’s sad to see such a beautiful paradise burn due to people who don’t care for the environment… hope Nagsasa will recover soon…

    1. so true. :( it’s common practice for our brother aetas to flush out their game through bush fires. as our guide said, we can’t deny them their livelihood. but i hope they will at least exercise prudence and caution.

  3. nadun ka pala nung nasunog ito. ikas ata may kasalanan e.
    this is really sad

    1. oo nga. parang lights show lang.

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