Monthly Archives: May 2011

May pic(k) of the month


“A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home.”
~Author Unknown

You were my happy accident as I was strolling along the streets of Lucban during this month’s Pahiyas Festival:

the innocence and radiance of your smile
the noisy banter of your fellow kiddos
the colorful array of houses and streets

This is your summer.

Of perfect young summer; lavish and eternal.


Kalisungan is not a walk in the park


Expecting a quick dayhike ala the likes of Daguldol and (as I was told) Gulugod-Baboy, imagine my surprise as I squished and squashed my way through sloping trails of mud and horse dung. Fruit flies hovered over dead banana trunks and coconut husks scattered along the way. Mosquitoes were abuzz at 3/4 of the trail. They were having a field day; and so were the red and black ants.

This is not the kind of park I had in my head. Indeed: never underestimate a mountain.

The rewards, as always, are fantastic. At the final ascent, swaying cogon grass lined the steep trail to the open summit. The peak of Kalisungan offers an unobstructed view of Calauan and San Pablo. Three of San Pablo’s Seven Lakes are visible at the left side. Mounts Makiling and Banahaw stand regal at the north and south portions of Kalisungan. There’s also Laguna de Bay and Talim Island’s Mt. Tagapo.

continue wandering here…

It’s never too late to dream


When I am old and gray, legendary adventures will still appeal to the wanderer in me. But a thrill-seeker at 70 or 80 may not be allowed to jump off the Eiger in a wingsuit anymore, let alone descend to a volcanic crater with an active lava pool.

No. And so I start planning for my future escapades. Okay, fine – dreaming then (constraints considered).

Culled from my regular browsing of the National Geographic’s (NG) colorful and awe-inspiring website, these pictures partially reflect and reinforce my lifetime travel checklist.

Stunning shots from the very impressive photographers of the NG. From left: 1. summitting Mt. Everest; 2. wingsuit flying off the Eiger; 3. free-climbing a mountain; 4. swimming with dolphins; 5. cave diving in the Bahamas; 6. entering a volcanic crater; 7. lazy outdoor dining (Eat Pray Love-style) in Italy, and; 8. walking across the Sahara.

April pic(k) of the month


When you were first unveiled that eventful night in March, a mix of emotions ran through the crowd. It was launched as the theme of the bellwether RunRio team. Now, it has become the song of all runners in the metropolis.

And I saw you again this month – on a shirt.

As people continue to run for a host of reasons; you manage to capture and encapsulate it all in a *heart*.