It’s never too late to dream

When I am old and gray, legendary adventures will still appeal to the wanderer in me. But a thrill-seeker at 70 or 80 may not be allowed to jump off the Eiger in a wingsuit anymore, let alone descend to a volcanic crater with an active lava pool.

No. And so I start planning for my future escapades. Okay, fine – dreaming then (constraints considered).

Culled from my regular browsing of the National Geographic’s (NG) colorful and awe-inspiring website, these pictures partially reflect and reinforce my lifetime travel checklist.

Stunning shots from the very impressive photographers of the NG. From left: 1. summitting Mt. Everest; 2. wingsuit flying off the Eiger; 3. free-climbing a mountain; 4. swimming with dolphins; 5. cave diving in the Bahamas; 6. entering a volcanic crater; 7. lazy outdoor dining (Eat Pray Love-style) in Italy, and; 8. walking across the Sahara.


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