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October pic(k) of the month


They both turned s-i-x-t-y!

The big 6 and 0 finally caught up with my Mom and Dad. My Dad threw a surprise party for my Mom and for a change, my Dad chose to celebrate his privately.

The best parents in my universe deserve all the love and gratitude. Cheers to their compatibility and insanity. And to the set of happy and normal children they brought to this era. :D

September pic(k) of the month


Dangerous as it seems, here is one for the books: planking at 400+ MASL. An instant adventure is what happens when you do something risky and over-daring.

Taken at one of the rock faces of Mt. Marami with the verdant landscape of Cavite in the background.

August pic(k) of the month


Just look at a rosy sunset,
And wonder about running off into his rays.

Before sunset, after sunset,
There’s the ruddy glow of the sky.

And I quote:

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

June pic(k) of the month


Thank You, Lord, for the endless blessings and the sheer joy of my being in this world: treading, enjoying and wandering. I have had my tests of faith and physical limits; but You are always there when I start to think it all ends.

“Above all else, know this: Be prepared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready always for new ones. For God is a thousand times more ready to give than we are to receive.” – Meister Eckhart

May pic(k) of the month


“A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home.”
~Author Unknown

You were my happy accident as I was strolling along the streets of Lucban during this month’s Pahiyas Festival:

the innocence and radiance of your smile
the noisy banter of your fellow kiddos
the colorful array of houses and streets

This is your summer.

Of perfect young summer; lavish and eternal.

April pic(k) of the month


When you were first unveiled that eventful night in March, a mix of emotions ran through the crowd. It was launched as the theme of the bellwether RunRio team. Now, it has become the song of all runners in the metropolis.

And I saw you again this month – on a shirt.

As people continue to run for a host of reasons; you manage to capture and encapsulate it all in a *heart*.

March pic(k) of the month

A beautiful monster and devastation.The poster of how something so beautiful can be so destructive.

Last March 26, burning mountains loomed over the back of the northern campsite of Nagsasa Cove. Retiring early after a scorching traverse of Mt. Bira-Bira (a.k.a. Mt. Nagsasa), we awoke at 10:00 PM to the agitation of fellow campers, the loud crackling of bush fires and a fiery orange sky.

We quickly hauled our bags and carried our tents towards the beach. As the flames engulfed the dry terrain and the strong winds fanned the fire, it raged and threatened to advance until it hit the rocky base of the mountains. Heavy smoke stung our eyes and made breathing nearly impossible. We retreated to the southern part of the cove where this spectacular yet scary sight befell us.

Behold. “The common curse of mankind – folly and ignorance.”

February pic(k) of the month


Mt. Pulag at 2,922 MASL


This month was highlighted by my return to where all the madness started.

We romanced Luzon’s highest (documented) mountains on this month of love. You were the main feature to cap our three-day and three-mountain climbing trip.

And we were blessed.

With the whispering of the cold wind.
With the smile of the full moon.
With the radiance of the bright sun.
With the dancing of your eternally golden grass.