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A ninja adventure



On the hunt for a ninja adventure a couple of hours away from the metro? A trip to Cavinti Falls (or Magdapio Falls) in Laguna will satisfy the itch. Previously called Pagsanjan Falls, the mighty cascade actually straddles the river, and cool mountain range of the municipality of Cavinti. While most visitors ply the Pagsanjan route, the entry point via Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove (Pueblo) in Cavinti offers more activities.

“Shooting the rapids” from Pagsanjan involves a one-hour banca ride along the Balanac and Bumbungan river. Because of the sheer skills (in maneuvering and in enduring the rapids) required of the boatmen, this costs Php1,350.00 per person. On the other hand, the package offered by Pueblo amounts to Php270.00 only. The package includes the service of a guide, and the use of a harness for the vertical trek. In the first half of 2015, they will start offering a package that includes both the vertical trek going to the falls, and a one-way boat ride to Pagsanjan.

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