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Shoot in style


I’m lusting for Case Logic’s TBC-307.

Since it’s not available locally, I’m buying it online through my friend’s contact. Currently, my Tamrac messenger bag and funny-looking Neoprene house Kiss and friends.

Most of my misadventures take me to the beaches or the mountains. The Tamrac’s suede accents are quite prone to water and mud stains. I made the mistake of lugging it during a climb without a raincover. The Neoprene is simply a cover-up. It offers the most basic protection. Both are worn over one shoulder which becomes straining and inconvenient over time.

The TBC-307 is not just an all-in-one storage. The backpack’s dobby-weave nylon material makes it water-resistant and durable for the outdoor elements.

Mortal sins when traveling


Erm, not exactly. Here are a few things I learned over the years when I’m off and about. Let’s just say, I learned ’em the hard (relatively) way.

1. Travel agents and bookings
They can be a lifesaver or a pain in the neck. I used to get a travel agent when going to a place for the first time. Aside from being  convenient, a reputable agency gets discounted rates on airfares and land arrangements. Published rates almost always exclude taxes. Be sure that  before finalizing a package, all costs have been factored in. Out of habit though, I resorted to planning trips and getting rates on my own. With  the almost monthly airline promos, it’s easy to score cheap tickets. When booking a hotel, try to get a quote directly from the hotel. Check booking engines like Agoda or Hotels.com, before asking the hotel for their best available rate. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount, they may or will not give it. Based on experience, I got at most 20% shaven off the published rate.   

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