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Back to basics


When investors are faced with volatile market conditions, they are advised to be prudent. In times when both the local and global markets are bleeding, investors revisit their investment strategies. Back to basics. What is the tolerance for risk? How diverse is the allocation of asset classes? Will there be any change in the time horizon? Similar to the business of building wealth, it is back to basics when coming out of commission in the world of climbing mountains. And so as Always Wandering emerges from its shell, it also returns to the most fundamental of hiking – a minor dayhike.

Mt. Mabilog (442 MASL) is an inconspicuous peak that stands in between San Pablo City and Nagcarlan in the province of Laguna. This quick hike is straightforward with mostly covered foot trails lined with the usual forest and fruit trees. The ascent to the summit has portions that are exposed and unforgiving at high noon. Although not prominent compared to its more popular neighbors, it has an unobtrusive view of the three peaks of Mt. Banahaw, and the seven lakes of the province. The local guide patiently shares the surrounding bodies of water as Pandin, Yambo, Palakpakin, Sampaloc, Mojicap, Kalibato, and Bunot.

The view from the summit at 442 MASL.

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