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A lot of everything


Of trails.
Of mud.
Of river crossings.
Of cows.
And their dung.

Known for the towering rocks forming its pillar-like summit, Mt. Marami (405+ MASL) also has a monolith aptly called Silyang Bato. Located at Maragondon, Cavite, the mountain can be easily reached via a three-hour public commute from Metro Manila. From the bus drop off, walk about two blocks to the terminal of the jeepneys bound for Magallanes. If going as a big group, you can split the costs of renting the entire trip up to Barangay Ramirez.

The itinerary starts with an easy trek on wide dirt roads. After half an hour, the first river crossing is encountered. There will be three or four more crossings afterwards, two of which are via rickety wooden bridges. The rest of the way is no different than the usual trek through carabao trails, farmlands and cogon-lined paths.

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