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It’s never too late to dream


When I am old and gray, legendary adventures will still appeal to the wanderer in me. But a thrill-seeker at 70 or 80 may not be allowed to jump off the Eiger in a wingsuit anymore, let alone descend to a volcanic crater with an active lava pool.

No. And so I start planning for my future escapades. Okay, fine – dreaming then (constraints considered).

Culled from my regular browsing of the National Geographic’s (NG) colorful and awe-inspiring website, these pictures partially reflect and reinforce my lifetime travel checklist.

Stunning shots from the very impressive photographers of the NG. From left: 1. summitting Mt. Everest; 2. wingsuit flying off the Eiger; 3. free-climbing a mountain; 4. swimming with dolphins; 5. cave diving in the Bahamas; 6. entering a volcanic crater; 7. lazy outdoor dining (Eat Pray Love-style) in Italy, and; 8. walking across the Sahara.


I look at you and my mind goes on a trip


I wander, I wonder

Presenting – my lifetime travel checklist:

1. biking around Batanes and the Marlboro Country
2. going for a mythical, monumental and timeless walk in Paris
3. spotting wildlife in Hwange
4. going loco with the art, landscapes and cuisine of Italy
5. discovering the grandeur and architecture of Prague
6. cruising around the Aegean and Ionian seas
7. beaching and going up the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro
8. experiencing the nomad culture and a camel ride at the Gobi
9. skiing in the Southern Alps
10.honeymooning at the Maldives

It won’t hurt anyone if I dream big, and expensive. :D

I’ll write separate pieces about my top ten as fillers over the next few, uhm, years. In the meantime, feel free to share with me your bucket list. :)