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What type of traveler are you


So, what type of traveler are you? I’m a Tony Wheeler! How apt, I want to be like him. But will definitely be one about a million light years from now. :) Below’s a quote lifted from his profile page at The Lonely Planet website. Just for fun, why don’t you try out the quiz and see who fits  your profile? Let’s go vagabonding and hit our own hippie trails!

“Tony Wheeler was born in England in 1946 but spent most of his younger years overseas. Those years included a lengthy spell in Pakistan, a shorter period in the West Indies and all of his high school years in the USA. He returned to England to do an engineering degree, worked for a short time as an automotive engineer, then went back to university and completed an MBA.

As soon as Tony left business school in London in 1972, he and his wife Maureen set off for an overland trip to Asia. Their intention was to be away for about a year, get travel out of their systems and then settle down. When they arrived in Australia with 27 cents and a camera (which they soon pawned) between them, the continual questioning from people they met – How did you travel? What did you see? What did it cost? – inspired them to turn their diaries into a book. They called it Across Asia on the Cheap.

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